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Bingo Street Pre-Buy Games

Bingo Street Pre-Buy Games

Pop into the Superbingomarket room at Bingo Street and win jackpots of up to £8,500 every month. The UK online bingo site has something for everyone and tickets are priced as little as 5p per card.

The first jackpot on offer is the £50 Deal of the Day. As the name suggests, this is a daily game and tickets are priced at a mere 5p per card. Players can purchase a minimum of 1 card and up to 96 cards for this game. Tickets can be pre-purchased in the Superbingomarket and the game has a top prize of £50.

£500 Weekly Special is played every Saturday night at 9:30pm and is a 90 ball bingo game. On offer is a 1 line prize of £100, a two lines prize of £150 and a full house prize of £250. Tickets for this game can be pre-bought and is priced at 5p. You can buy as many as 96 card for the weekly bingo game.

The big monthly pre-buy bingo game is the £5k Cash Checkout and is played on the last Friday of the month at 9:30pm. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to win up to £5,000 with this game. Tickets are priced at 5p per card and can be pre-purchased in the Superbingomarket room at the UK bingo site.

Players have five chances at the £5k Cash Checkout jackpot. Win 1 line and get £250 while two lines are worth £500 and the player to win three lines first gets £750. In addition, a prize of £1,500 is available for four lines and £2,000 for a full house.

Sign up for an account at Bingo Street today and make the most of the Superbingomarket promotional offer.

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Written by Debbie Hall for Online Keno – your best source for online bingo news

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