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Earn Joy Points at Bingo Street

Earn Joy Points at Bingo Street

Bingo Street presents the Joy Pot game which has a total prize pool of £25,000. The Joy of Bingo game will be held on 30th October at 10pm and tickets are priced at £2 per card. Players can also earn free bingo tickets into the game.

The Joy Pot game was introduced last year and every quarter, the game will be held in one of the five Joy of Bingo sites which include BingoStreet, Tasty Bingo, Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo and RedBus Bingo.

This October the game will be held at Wink Bingo however, players can collect points at any of the five bingo sites. Since the game takes place on Halloween, all five sites will have special Halloween-themed chat parties taking place.

On offer is a total prize pot of £25,000 and as this is a 90 ball game, players get three chances at the prize. However, the line payouts have not been revealed and will only be made on the day of the game.

This is how the Joy Pot game works; every time a player plays on any of the five Joy of Bingo sites, they earn free Pot Credits into the game. Just before the game, points from all sites are consolidated and the total balance will be automatically converted into free bingo cards.

There are several ways to earn Pot Credits for the Joy Pot game and players earn one free bingo card for every 500 points accumulated.  Every bingo on the pot of gold pattern is worth 5 points and players earn 2 points for every £10 wagered on bingo games.

Players also earn 1 point for every £50 wagered on instant games and a point for every bingo on the number 25 at any of the five sites. Players can keep earning free bingo credits until before 23rd October so start earning Pot Credits at Bingo Street today.

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Written by Debbie Hall for Online Keno – your best source for online bingo promotions

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