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USA Casino Progressive Jackpots Win

USA Casino Progressive Jackpots Win

Will I ever be lucky enough to win a huge progressive jackpot? That’s got to be one of the questions that most online casino players would ask themselves and wish for in the same breath! What is it about being lucky – is it something that happens only for a select few, or can it happen to anyone?

Well, we are sure that Cindy from the USA was probably asking herself this same question when she logged into Club USA Casino on the 26th of September!  Cindy never played Aztec Millions Slots Progressive before, but this was her lucky day. With only her 2nd spin ever on the is game, she triggered the bonus round!  Now, we all know that slot players like playing for the features!  Well, her bonus round was indeed a magical moment and this was definitely an amazing bonus round! 

While still in the bonus round, she was able to catch a glimpse of the winning symbols that would turn her into an instant millionaire by winning $1,427,489.84!  On top of that, she still had to finish up her free spins!  All of this was made possible on a mere $5 spin! Just goes to show what you can get for $5 these days.

We’d like to congratulate Cindy again on her amazing win at the Aztec Millions Slots machine and let all our other loyal players know that Club USA Casino is where dreams can come true! They are one of our top sites.

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