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Wink Bingo Progressive Slot Jackpots

Wink Bingo Progressive Slot Jackpots

If you are a bingo player then you will have heard that the popular bingo room Wink Bingo has launched a new range of slot games that all feature a progressive jackpot. There has been a lot written about these progressive jackpots but we wanted to take a different look at the games and what it will mean if you are able to hit one of the three different types of progressive jackpot.

There are 3 types of Progressive Slots Jackpot. They are namely the Mini progressive jackpot, Maxi progressive jackpot and finally the Mega Progressive Jackpot. As you have guessed by now the largest of the progressives is the Maxi jackpot and the smallest the mini jackpot. The minimum credit bet to take part in the progressive feature of the slot games is 1 credit per line. One of the great features of these progressive jackpots is that they are triggered at random. That means that you could win this at any time if you are betting the minimum required amount.Please note that the progressive slot jackpot games are only available if you have a british pound account. At the present time they do not cater for Euro players.

There are single level progressive jackpots on the different slot games displayed below the Wink Bingo Jackpots with the minimum and maximum amounts that can be won on each of the games :

Progressive Slots Game                     Minimum Win      Maximum Win
Wink Bingo Jackpot Mega                        2200000              2600000
Wink Bingo Jackpot Maxi                         1000000              1400000
Wink Bingo Jackpot Mini                          500000                700000

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot                         300000                500000
Piggy Payout Jackpot                              700000                900000
Aztec Rising Jackpot                               1400000               1800000
Doubleup Ducks Jackpot                         4500000               5100000

The Doubleup Ducks Jackpot game has a very nice payout level despite it not being a Single level Progressive slots jackpot. One of the best slot games on this software is the Aztec Rising jackpot that also have a very decent payout.Remember that there are standard and progressive versions of each of these games and that if you want to activate the Progressive feature your minimum bet must be 1 credit per line. The Slot games at Wink Bingo are all flash based so it means that there is no long wait to get into the casino to enjoy games. Online Keno thinks that this is a great move by the people at Wink Bingo and we look forward to trying to win some of these progressive slot jackpots.


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