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Beach Life Progressive Slots Jackpot Win

Beach Life Progressive Slots Jackpot  Win

Only a few days ago we had reported that the online progressive jackpot game Beach Life slots was waiting to pop at just over $4.1 million. The slot jackpot was finally hit for $4,248,572 on 18th December. Details of the winner or winners have yet to be released. The previous highest jackpot hit took place a year and half ago and was just $10,000 dollars lesser than the current jackpot.

A few days before the Beach Life slot jackpot was hit, it was increasing by almost $30,000 a day. The Playtech network online slot game has paid out over $8.2 million in the last one year in three hits averaging $2.7 million a hit, making it one of the most popular online slot games today. In the past, the only other Playtech progressive jackpot that has paid out more was the Safecracker slots which paid out over $10 million.You can play Beach Life slots at Windows Casino.

Just a few hours before the Beach Life progressive slot jackpot was hit, another Playtech slot hit the jackpot for the progressive slot game Gold Rally; it hit for $617,737. It is not very often that two slot games from one software supplier hit the jackpot so close together.

What is very interesting is that despite the jackpot having been hit 3 days ago, there hasn’t been a single press release about it. The Beach Life progressive slots have been creating quite the frenzy over the past few weeks, with the jackpot escalating at a maniacal pace day by day. Yet, there is no news about the winner; even the name of the casino that it was won at remains unknown.

When other online progressive slots hit the jackpot, the news spreads about in a matter of no time - the Mega Moolah progressive slot is a perfect example of this; and yet, a jackpot hit as large as $4.2 million receives no sound bites from the online casino that hit the jackpot!

Written by Anna Richards for Online Keno – bringing you news from the world of online casinos.