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Free Keno tournament starts today

Free Keno tournament starts today

Online Keno proudly announces the latest Free Keno Tournament in association with Windows Casino and players can look forward to winning a share of the £100 prize pot in the week-long competition. The tournament starts today, 7th June and plays through to midnight GMT on Sunday, 13th June.

No entry fees are necessary, participating in the Free Keno Tournament is exactly what it says on the label, absolutely free. Players wishing to try their luck in playing for the free cash prizes kindly offered by the sponsorship of Windows Casino, simply need to register for instant admission to the Free Keno game and tournament hosted at OnlineKeno.net.

Every player will receive 5000 free credits to play keno and the aim is to win as much as possible on these credits by the end of the week simply by playing the free online keno game here at the site. There is a total of £100 in cash bonuses for play on Windows Casino available to be won, split up into the following amounts for the top 5 players at the end of the tournament:

  • 1st prize: £30
  • 2nd prize: £25
  • 3rd prize: £20
  • 4th prize: £15
  • 5th prize: £10

This free tournament is an ideal opportunity for die-hard Keno fans to exercise their skills and predictive powers in this excellent free version of the game, and also to play free with 5 chances at winning real cash prizes. Newcomers to Keno will also delight in this competition as it presents an opportunity to learn how to play this addictive numbers game.

Keno is very easy and great fun to play. A board of squares numbered from 1 – 80 represents each ball in the games. The idea is to predict as many numbers as possible in each round, and players can select from 1 up to 15 numbers each time, keeping the same selection of numbers for consecutive rounds, or changing with each round.

With the Free Keno game at OnlineKeno every number selected creates an entry on the 'scoreboard' at the left, along with the amount paid if that number of balls are correctly predicted, making it very easy to keep track of winnings. There's also an option to play up to 10 coins per round, which can make for huge payouts on a lucky hunch.

The top 5 players with the most credits at the end of the tourney will win free cash bonus prizes at Windows Casino, which also offers a selection of three great keno games, including Fortune Keno and also Keno Xperiment – highly popular versions of the game available at this online casino.

The Online Keno site will be hosting regular Free Keno tournaments in future to help spread the word about this much overlooked game, which will mean many more opportunities to play keno for free and win cash prizes here.

Written by Debbie Hall for OnlineKeno – your source for the freshest news from the world of online keno.