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Free Keno Tournament - win an Apple iPad!

Free Keno Tournament - win an Apple iPad!

The Free Keno Tournament currently hosted at Online Keno gives you the opportunity to win a top of the line Apple iPad and casino credits but best of all you don’t have to spend a penny to win these fabulous prizes. Online Keno, in collaboration with King Solomons Casino is hosting the second free keno tournament throughout the month of July.

To win the star prize of the Apple iPad all you have to do is have a balance of at least 15,000 points at the end of the tournament and since this is only the second week, you have lots of time to play keno. Every tournament participant is given 5,000 points to start once they register a real money account at King Solomons Casino through Online Keno. To play free keno, you also need to register at Online Keno.

On 31st July, the player with a minimum balance of 15,000 points wins the first prize which is the Apple iPad. If no participant has managed to accumulate 15,000 the iPad will be carried forward to the next tournament. The first runner up prize is worth $50, the second runner up wins $30 and the third runner up receives credit bonuses of $20. Remember, you need to be a funded player at King Solomons Casino to win the prizes.

The Free Keno game is very simple to play; all you have to do is choose your lucky numbers and watch the balls roll in. You can select up to 15 numbers from the board which has a total of 80. You can wager up to 10 coins per game and win up to 10,000 coins. Your wins depend on the numbers you have selected and the numbers drawn automatically. If you have picked 15 numbers and can match them all, you win the keno jackpot of 10,000 coins. Of course, this is a free keno game so you don’t win any money.

You can always play the real money version at King Solomons Casino and choose from three different keno games including Keno, Keno Xperiment and Fortune Keno.

Register at Online Keno and enter the Free Keno tournament today.

Written by Debbie Hall for Online Keno – bringing you news about the latest Keno Tournaments.