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Equal Time for Keno!

Equal Time for Keno!

Keno just doesn't get enough airtime. I watch CSI. I mean, well, I'm addicted to CSI, the original series. That's the one that takes place in Vegas. They're constantly walking in and out of casinos, and they're showing the table games every second. There are plenty of slot machines, but no Keno.

There's a whole episode of CSI that keeps heading back to the craps table to collect more evidence. There's an episode where some college kids get killed over roulette. With help from the son of a banned gambler, they manage a method of predicting the outcome on the roulette wheel. After they take a few casinos for a couple hundred K, they get killed. If you want to know who killed them, you'll have to watch the episode.

One of the early episodes is about a man who is killed over his winnings from a progressive slot machine. Another episode revolves around a man who lost big at a blackjack table using a supposedly fool-proof method. Still another revolves around the runners for illegal betting on horse racing.

There's also an episode that revolves around a chocoholic poker player who tips poorly. The detectives discover that he was poisoned in a variety of ways, but he doesn't play Keno. No one plays Keno.

There's no episode, however, about Keno. I think it might be because the producers have never heard of Keno. The other possibility is that they think that people will think its bingo and not Keno. In any case, I think it's a big mistake to exclude Keno from the big games on CSI. There's loads of potential. First, there's the potential for a standard case about a Keno winner, a Keno cheater, or a crooked casino employee rigging the Keno games. Then there's the potential for a mob connection using the Keno forms to pass on messages, or using the Keno forms as a way to pass drugs or poison.

Keno is entirely ignored. With countless films and television shows focused on characters winning or losing or getting married in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, why is Keno so neglected?

Is Keno not glitzy enough? Is it not exciting enough? Doesn't Keno offer enough intrigue to at least make an appearance on a television show or a movie? I personally am upset at not seeing enough of Keno on television. Searching Google and Wiki doesn't yield any results for films or television shows about Keno.

I don't personally watch Las Vegas, but I bet that they don't show anything about Keno either. When I searched a summary of all their episodes, the word Keno didn't appear once!

So what can we do about it? I say we protest. Send a letter to the producers of CSI and Las Vegas and ask them to make episodes about Keno!

Written for Online Keno by Joy