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Keno News Roundup

Keno News Roundup

Keno is one of the most underrated gambling games. It just barely makes the news, but it's important to know what's happening in the wild world of Keno.

It looks like Norfolk, Nebraska won't be getting Keno quite yet. According to KTIV, it seems like Big Red Keno, a company that had been planning on providing Keno to the folks in Norfolk. Unfortunately, their president and CEO Daniel Pankow decided to withdraw the offer, because it didn't look like the Keno proposal would pass. Big Red Keno operates bar & grill restaurants with Keno games in Omaha, Lincoln, and Freemont, Nebraska.

Additionally, Big Red Keno has several satellite locations at various eateries and at the VFW in several Nebraska cities. There's plenty of Keno in Nebraska, but Norfolk's going to be staying Keno-free for a little while longer.

On the bright side, Australians Keno operations are steadily expanding. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, New South Wales will be allowing Keno in local pubs. Of course, it's mostly because the state is desperate for some tax revenues, but any reason to expand Keno's play, right? Keno was already available at clubs throughout the state, not to mention Sydney's Star City Casino.

An article in The Age clarifies that the Keno allowed in the New South Wales pubs will be the electronic version of Keno. It also discusses other increases in gambling availability in New South Wales. For example, lottery tickets and scratches will now be available at 7-11 shops in the state. While a lot of concern has been raised over the increasing availability of gambling in New South Wales, recent research shows that less than one percent of the population there falls into the category of problem gamblers.

According to the Gaylord Herald Times, Keno is just one of the many services that may be at risk if the Michigan budget doesn't pass soon. Restaurants and bars in Michigan sell both lottery and Keno tickets. Along with their concerns over the loss of the Keno revenues is an even bigger concern that liquor might be held up due to a requirement that Michigan's liquor control commission examine every shipment. Despite this, many pub owners are confident that the threatened shutdown will not occur. If you're in Michigan, though, it's probably a good idea to enjoy Keno while you can.

According to ForexTV, if you're not playing Keno in Massachusetts, you're part of a projected funding problem. Keno and Lottery revenues came up $120 million short of expectations. Since Keno and lotto revenues provide help to local townships and communities. If Keno and lottery sales don't increase, then Massachusetts may have to look at the option of opening casinos to keep the coffers full. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has already proposed a plan to open three resort casinos to help increase tax revenues. Estimates of potential tax revenues are as high as $450 million. While opponents believe that casinos could hurt lottery, scratchers, and keno revenues, it's clear that the revenue generated by the casinos would more than make up for any loss in the lotto business.

That's it for now. Be sure to check back for updates!

Written for Online Keno by Joy