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Slot Machine bankroll

Slot Machine bankroll

The ease and simplicity of slot machine play and slot machine rules and gameplay is never an excuse for not making sure you have enough bankroll to play another day.  While it sometimes cost pennies to join the game, an ineffective and inappropriate gaming strategy forces many people to walk away from the slot gaming or the interactive casino lobby with nothing.  Don’t make the same mistake by following some money management tips.

Play Slots Your Bankroll Can Support

This is one of the most common ideas that many slot players forget.  You might be playing with pennies and nickels, but if you’re not careful, you’ll lose them after several spins.  The common rule of thumb for slots is for players to play nickels with $20 or less and quarters for amounts up to $100.  For those who want play dollar games, a bankroll greater than $100 is recommended.

Study the Payout Schedule and Gaming Features of the Slot Game

Studying the payout schedule enables you to gain an understanding if the game is more profitable or not, thereby, allowing you to decide if the slot game is worth the bankroll.  This can also form part of the strategy you may want to employ while playing. If you’re playing with online casino, the bonus features that could potentially increase your winnings should be factored in as well.

Moreover, if you play slots, it’s better to play it with a slot machine you can enjoy. Slots machines are created and maintained for its entertainment value, so select the slot game you are comfortable with in terms of the the controls, graphics, and sounds. Losing money is something in slot games, but losing your cool and denying yourself with a chance to enjoy the casino game is worse.

Save What You Win

Greed is the ultimate slot player’s adversary.  If the slot player can’t control his own greed, he’ll walk away with nothing. Learning to stop is not only applicable in losses, and a player should also stop when they are winning. Having discipline, however, can control greed.  Remember that house edge applies more when you play longer.  It is highly recommended that you try stopping and ask lady luck to come by your seat next time you play when you are able to get half of your bankroll.  Moreover, don’t put your winnings back into the slot machine.  Save it and limit your slots play with your original bankroll.

Written for Online Keno by Joy