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Winning Big at Keno

Winning Big at Keno

Since I started my Keno blog, friends have been asking me whether anyone actually wins at Keno. Many veteran gamblers consider Keno a sucker's game because of its very high house edge. I can't argue with statistics. Keno has a very high house edge, but it also has a very high jackpot, and it's an easy game to play.

Recently, a male nurse's aide in Las Vegas won 6.4 million dollars at the Sam's Town Casino. According to an article, a man has been playing the same five numbers almost every day for two whole years.

It's a relatively small investment when you consider that the man, identified only as"Eddie" is pretty much set for life with $6.4 million. I mean, sure, taxes will take their bite of that, but if he invests the remaining cash wisely, he and his family will be able to live well on just the interest. The interest from that kind of cash has to be more than a nurse's aide makes.

Of course, jackpots like that are fairly rare. I mean, if they weren't rare, they wouldn't make the news. It's like someone explained to me when I was a kid and I was afraid of flying - Every time a plane goes down, it's reported. If every car crash was reported, there wouldn't be time for any other news.

Anyway, so these jackpots are pretty rare, but it's not that rare to come out ahead in Keno, because you don't have to have your 15-number match to win. Five or six matching numbers on a twenty number draw is enough to get a nice win. You don't have to win the jackpot every time to come out ahead.

The article I mentioned earlier shows a new trend - a trend of playing Keno like the lottery. The winner there played Keno daily or almost daily the same way that my grandmother used to buy a lottery ticket every week. She used to play the same numbers every week. She was convinced that she was going to win. She'd always talk about the things that she would buy us and the trips she'd take us on. Every week, she played the lottery faithfully. I like to believe that if she would have won one day she would have taken us all on a trip to the French Riviera.

Maybe if Pennsylvania had had Keno instead of a lottery, she would have won and we could have had our trip. Or maybe she would have had a lot more small wins. At least those would have cheered her up. But I digress. What I actually meant to say is, yes, people do win at Keno, and some even win big. Would I recommend playing Keno for a living? No, but it's certainly a fun game with the potential for big wins!

Written for Online Keno by Joy