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EuroMillion Lottery

EuroMillion Lottery

EuroMillion Lottery, which is one of the most popular lottery games in Europe, pools the stakes of twelve countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, making it one of the biggest lotteries ever. The lottery takes place once a week on Friday evening.

Playing EuroMillions is very easy - all you have to do is select 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 9. In order to win a prize you need to any one of the three following combinations; a minimum of three main numbers, 1 main number and 2 Lucky Stars or 2 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star. If you match all the 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars you win the EuroMillions jackpot.

You can either purchase tickets for the EuroMillions lottery game in a land based store or play the game online. To play the game in the UK, you need to open a UK National Lottery account.

The price of a EuroMillions ticket is £2 and it includes the Millionaire Raffle which guarantees a new UK millionaire every week. When you purchase a line of EuroMillions numbers, you are issued a unique Millionaire Raffle number which is entered into the Millionaire Raffle draw.

The chances of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are one in seventy six thousand and while it appears daunting, all it takes is a bit of luck and a £2 ticket. Les Scadding and his wife, the second biggest ever UK winners of the UK lottery had been buying tickets for 12 years, but when they finally hit the jackpot, it was for an whopping £45 million.

The biggest ever jackpot in the history of EuroMillions has been £164 million and was won by three people. The largest single winner was Delores McNamara from Ireland who won £77 million while Nigel Page and his partner Justine Laycock from Gloucestershire, who won £56 million last month became UK’s biggest ever winners earlier this year.

Get your EuroMillion Lottery tickets online.

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