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EuroMillions Lottery Results

Euromillions now costs £2 per line of numbers and includes the Millionaire Raffle, which creates a new UK millionaire every week - guaranteed!

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The way you play EuroMillions has not changed; every time you purchase a line of EuroMillions numbers, you'll be issued with a unique Millionaire Raffle selection - which will be displayed on your ticket. This selection will be entered into the weekly Millionaire Raffle draw.

DateBall 1Ball 2Ball 3Ball 4Ball 5Lucky Star 1Lucky Star 2Raffle
Tue 15 Apr 2014145047263711RCQ422826
Fri 11 Apr 2014833301219411JZR508877, QCD028298, QCD858034, QCD866327, QCF418640, QCG796440, QCH500320, QCK048422, QCK739139, QCM553356
Tue 08 Apr 20144211291849114PCC396384
Fri 04 Apr 20145045286101011NBW113280
Tue 01 Apr 20144438181626108MBN384155
Fri 28 Mar 20143431928437LBJ742888
Tue 25 Mar 201428502672082JZQ328601
Fri 21 Mar 201437739304275JZP613277
Tue 18 Mar 2014273634839510HZP388021
Fri 14 Mar 201430246272595GZC455768
Tue 11 Mar 20141444332387FYR837497
Fri 07 Mar 201438104054118CXW334054
Tue 04 Mar 20143225274461CXW781222
Fri 28 Feb 2014384432124327BXP474879
Tue 25 Feb 2014422125283564ZXJ180326
Fri 21 Feb 2014281317303257YWZ446529
Tue 18 Feb 2014363726234967XWV082694
Fri 14 Feb 2014193942627PTX668934
Tue 11 Feb 201447258174112VWJ984444
Fri 07 Feb 2014171947346910TVZ813308
Tue 04 Feb 201437133213884SVV404817
Fri 31 Jan 201410153181689QVG418871
Tue 28 Jan 2014182348204229QVG792053
Fri 24 Jan 201419413534515PTY086372
Tue 21 Jan 201444235481258NTT869875
Fri 17 Jan 20142619334232104MTL833773
Tue 14 Jan 201425182026371110LTG855433
Fri 10 Jan 201412721129101JSJ205174
Tue 07 Jan 2014245202733610JSN066958
Fri 03 Jan 201434427383138GRM543141
Tue 31 Dec 2013294524201373DQR622154, FRD942976, GRG911485, GRH256975, GRH716372, GRK090143, GRK158945, GRL136445, GRL981906, GRM521664, GRM538074, GRM890781, GRN209581, GRN686516, GRN960639, GRP442077, GRP612190, GRP652417, GRQ026174, GRQ978512, GRR323864, GRR723915, GRS031830, GRS475449, GRW614436
Fri 27 Dec 201312261328105FRF710292
Tue 24 Dec 201353143501962DQQ542482
Fri 20 Dec 20131322174312103CQM347424
Tue 17 Dec 201341683727710BQB549509
Fri 13 Dec 2013242223131611ZPX644150
Tue 10 Dec 201349502463571YPQ313446
Fri 06 Dec 201318313621710VNW159747
Tue 03 Dec 201332629151329WPD186582
Fri 29 Nov 20131023724347RNC756645
Tue 26 Nov 2013442723421953TNS586481
Fri 22 Nov 2013402613255089MLX454192
Tue 19 Nov 20134514193615110RNF941546
Fri 15 Nov 201313423152941QMY376365
Tue 12 Nov 20132948403714112PMK200690
Fri 08 Nov 20133520424328810NMH531393
Tue 05 Nov 201335381213623MLX469412
Fri 01 Nov 201319332930738LLV733803
Tue 29 Oct 201332910303762KLM669739
Fri 25 Oct 201323138310610JLF031078
Tue 22 Oct 20133933294441911HKZ819144