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Irish National Lottery Review

Irish National Lottery

The Irish National Lottery is owned and operated by An Post National Lottery Company which is a subsidiary of Ireland's postal services provider An Post and is home to lotteries including Lotto, EuroMillions, Monday Million, All or Nothing, scratchcards and more.

Every year the lottery raises millions for Good Causes and in 2009, just over €263.5 million was raised making the total amount to date raised for Good Causes a massive €3.4 billion. For the past 21 years, the lottery has allocated funds to projects in the areas of youth, sports and amenities, arts, culture and national heritage.

Lotto is one of the biggest lotteries in Ireland with a starting jackpot of €2 million and is priced at €3 for two lines of numbers. Draws are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Players have to pick a total of six out of 45 numbers and on each draw date, a total of seven numbers are drawn, the 7th being a Bonus Number. In total there are seven prizes with the Lotto game including the jackpot. The second tier prize is €25,000 and won by players who match 5 main numbers and the Bonus number.

The largest ever Lotto jackpot was on in June 2008 by a syndicate of sixteen people who won a lottery jackpot of €18,963,441 while the second largest jackpot ever was won by a player in County Waterford in April 2010 who scooped €16,717,717. Lotto Plus is an add-on game where players pay an additional €0.50 to be entered into two extra draws the Lotto Plus Draw 1 and the Lotto Plus Draw 2, which have a prize of €350,000 and €250,000 respectively. Both draws have a total of seven prizes each.

EuroMillions is Europe’s largest lottery game with a combined prize pool of nine countries and hosted by the National Lottery in Ireland. The draw is held once a week on Friday and tickets are priced at €2.42 per line of numbers. Plus is an Ireland only addition to EuroMillions and for an extra €1 per line, players can win up to €500,000. The biggest EuroMillions winner in Ireland is Dolores McNamara who won a massive €115.4 million in July 2005.

The Monday Million lottery has a fixed jackpot of €1 million and costs €1 per line to play. Players pick 6 numbers out of a total 39 every week and there are 7 tiers of prizes. The second prize is €10,000, third prize is €500 and the fourth prize is €100. Prizes for tiers five, six and seven are €25, €10 and a €3 scratch card respectively.

All or Nothing is the National Lottery’s first daily draw and gives players the chance to win €500,000 by matching all 12 selected numbers or none of the selected numbers for €2 per line. Also on offer are twelve different scratchcards including Pac-Man scratch, Bingo Buzz and All Cash Scratch with varying prices from €1 up to €5 per card. Players can win anywhere from €5,000 up to €100,000 with these games.

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Reviewed by Kim Watson on 28 June 2010 for Online Keno