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Lotto Hot Picks results

Lotto HotPicks gives you the chance to win bigger prizes for picking and matching fewer Lotto numbers.

Buy Lotto Hot Picks Lottery Tickets

Decide how many numbers you want to pick and select the corresponding 'Pick' game. Enter the appropriate amount of numbers for the game you've chosen, from 1 to 49.

DateBall 1Ball 2Ball 3Ball 4Ball 5Ball 6Ball SetMachine
Wed 23 Apr 20141618393429358LANCELOT
Sat 19 Apr 20144420311334365LANCELOT
Wed 16 Apr 201410612340257LANCELOT
Sat 12 Apr 2014426472231178LANCELOT
Wed 09 Apr 2014820174143325LANCELOT
Sat 05 Apr 201431745432036GUINEVERE
Wed 02 Apr 20143914203845166GUINEVERE
Sat 29 Mar 2014472149161486GUINEVERE
Wed 26 Mar 20143740352033298LANCELOT
Sat 22 Mar 20142844172039437LANCELOT
Wed 19 Mar 2014427252131498LANCELOT
Sat 15 Mar 20142225191448385LANCELOT
Wed 12 Mar 20144620123516118LANCELOT
Sat 08 Mar 201426294412315LANCELOT
Wed 05 Mar 2014468255416LANCELOT
Sat 01 Mar 201441329940107GUINEVERE
Wed 26 Feb 2014101132435257LANCELOT
Sat 22 Feb 20143549231939345LANCELOT
Wed 19 Feb 20144637481917354GUINEVERE
Sat 15 Feb 20143315192240173LANCELOT
Wed 12 Feb 201424303392072LANCELOT
Sat 08 Feb 2014844393625271GUINEVERE
Wed 05 Feb 20142846123313491LANCELOT
Sat 01 Feb 20144134483527363LANCELOT
Wed 29 Jan 2014463829374292GUINEVERE
Sat 25 Jan 2014491543021414GUINEVERE
Wed 22 Jan 20143518224691LANCELOT
Sat 18 Jan 2014272331730122GUINEVERE
Wed 15 Jan 2014324613112443LANCELOT
Sat 11 Jan 20142223282746254GUINEVERE
Wed 08 Jan 20143619454623314LANCELOT
Sat 04 Jan 2014441118414281LANCELOT
Wed 01 Jan 2014122248916263GUINEVERE
Sat 28 Dec 20133445243016254LANCELOT
Wed 25 Dec 20138219244102GUINEVERE
Sat 21 Dec 20134033281812252GUINEVERE
Wed 18 Dec 201374225352403LANCELOT
Sat 14 Dec 20132441132135291GUINEVERE
Wed 11 Dec 201314110183786GUINEVERE
Sat 07 Dec 20131028121730425GUINEVERE
Wed 04 Dec 2013122918166218LANCELOT
Sat 30 Nov 2013361937169317LANCELOT
Wed 27 Nov 20131948152242257GUINEVERE
Sat 23 Nov 20133816223548125GUINEVERE
Wed 20 Nov 2013155352339116LANCELOT
Sat 16 Nov 2013330194741218LANCELOT
Wed 13 Nov 201315234366445GUINEVERE
Sat 09 Nov 20134763212296LANCELOT
Wed 06 Nov 201361453329188LANCELOT
Sat 02 Nov 20133632283710498GUINEVERE
Wed 30 Oct 20132634292320417LANCELOT
Sat 26 Oct 20132245201410495GUINEVERE