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Roulette Scratchcard Review


Roulette Scratchcard is just the game for you if you have never played Roulette and you can learn the rules as you go along while playing this extremely popluar casino game. You get superb graphics in this game and with a bit of imagination at work, you could very well be at an online casino roulette table with the Croupier cheering your win. The incredible jackpot of £/$/€100,000 goes a long way in making the experience worthwhile.

You don’t need to study your online scratchcard carefully or strategise to get the maximum benefit of the game; just a scratch will fetch your instant wins. The roulette wheel is on the left, while the table on the right gives you different bets in 5 games with five different prizes allotted to each game. Scratch and reveal the bets and prizes and then scratch on the wheel to locate the ball or simply click on the Scratch All button.

You can vary your card price from 50p to £10 in Real Money mode and the prize value changes with the card price but the £/$/€100,000 jackpot is available only with the top bet. With the Shuffle option next to it you can skip up to 3 cards for better luck and to keep track of your game make note of your scratchcard number above this. Right next to this is the Autoplay button which helps you play as many games as you like automatically. The Play button on the right has a dual function of a Scratch All button as well.

Check your Current Balance and make your deposits with the help of the online casino tool bar which is seen at the bottom of the screen. The tool bar also has a Menu button with tabs like Help to access the instruction manual for the game and Options for changing the audio and scratch game settings. You can also find your detailed game History and Customer Support options here to help enhance your gaming experience and optimise your chances of winning.

The Roulette Scratchcard game offers you great entertainment and handsome prizes, without the hassle of abiding by the norms of a multiplayer game and at the same time giving you the thrill of instant wins!

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