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Mega Millions Lottery Winner

Mega Millions Lottery Winner

The Mega Millions Lottery has been won for a massive $266 million by a mystery winner. This multi state US lottery has apparently been won by a player in California who purchased the ticket from L & L Hawaiian BBQ, 8760 Washington Boulevard. This particular Megamillions lottery win is the eighth largest jackpot win in the history of this particular lottery and the lucky winner can either select a lump sum amount of $165 million or taking a monthly amount for the next 25 years.  The winning Mega Million numbers were : 21, 9, 36, 43, 31, and the Mega number 8.

One of the fantastic incentives to sell these lottery tickets is the fact that the store that the ticket is brought from is also rewarded. In this instance the store is picking up a cool $1 million bonus for selling the ticket.There were a number of tickets in this draw that matched 5 numbers and only missed out on the Mega number itself. These tickets won an amount of $179,428 each on this particular Mega Millions draw.

Even if you are outside of the USA you can still participate in the Mega Millions Lottery by purchasing tickets from our approved online lottery vendor. We always recommend buying your lottery tickets online as you do not then need to worry about loosing your ticket or missing your numbers. All you need to do is log on and collect any winnings that you might have accrued.

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