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Double Lottery Jackpot Winner

Double Lottery Jackpot Winner

For most people, the odds of winning a lottery jackpot are one in several million but a player is Missouri has beaten the odds not once but twice, scooping a total of $3 million in prize money, making him one of the luckiest people in the US.

57 year old Ernest Pullen who is from Bonne Terre, Missouri had his first stroke of luck June 2010 when he won $1 million with a 100 Million Dollar Blockbuster scratchcard. Three months later the retired military man had his second win with the Mega Monopoly scratch card scooping a jackpot of $2 million. Ernest, who worked at the help desk of a telecommunications firm until his first win, described himself as “lucky guy.” We couldn’t agree more!

Pullen, who bought his winning ticket on the 17th of September from his local Quick Shop, says he dreamed the winning numbers six years ago. "All the numbers I dreamed about and all my lucky numbers were on the card," he said.

So what are the chances of winning two lottery jackpots each worth more than $1 in a space of few months? According to Missouri Lottery spokesperson John Wells, players have 1 in 2.28 million chances of winning $1 in the "$100 Million Dollar Blockbuster" game and about 1 in 2.30 million chances of scooping $2 million with the "Mega MONOPOLY" lottery. However, as these are independent games it is virtually impossible to calculate the odds of winning both.

The spokes person went on to say, “It's a pretty amazing coincidence. We've had players win big multiple prizes before, but this is the first person to ever win a second million-dollar prize in the history of the Missouri Lottery."

Pullen, who opted for the immediate cash payment of $1.3 million instead of the annuity, now plans on attempting his luck with bigger jackpots like the Powerball lottery and the Mega Millions lottery and we wish him the best of luck.

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Written by Kim Watson for Online Keno – your source for the latest lottery news

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