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EuroMillions Lottery Winner Posts Winning Ticket

EuroMillions Lottery Winner Posts Winning Ticket

A pensioner might have thrown away his chances of winning £1,000,000 with the EuroMillions lottery after he sent the winning ticket to Camelot. Bernard McHugh who resides in Blackburn, Lancashire, claims to be one of the ten Millionaire Raffle winners from the 12th November EuroMillions where instead of one millionaire, a total of 10 lottery players had the opportunity to win £1,000,000.

Rather than calling the UK National Lottery to claim his winnings, Mr. McHugh instead to mail his winning ticket to Camelot, who are yet to receive it. He said, “I thought that is what you were supposed to do. I saw the address on the back of the ticket and it said winners should contact them so that's what I did.” He remains confident that the lottery organisation will receive his winning ticket.

A spokesperson for Camelot has confirmed that even if Mr. McHugh’s ticket is lost in the post, he may still be able to win a million, if the lottery is unclaimed for 180 days after the EuroMillions draw. He said, “You can claim about a ticket but there's certain things we would know about a ticket and where it was bought. This applies to anyone whether they've lost the ticket, if it's damaged or if the dog's eaten it.”

The spokesperson added, “Anyone who has lost a ticket needs to give as much information as possible about where and when they bought it and we can check it against our systems.” Meanwhile tonight, EuroMillions players in the UK will have another shot at the Millionaire Raffle along with a £12 million jackpot all for the price of a £2 ticket. Don’t forget to check lottery results at onlinekeno.net for not just the Millionaire Raffle but also the 12 EuroMillions prizes including the £12 million jackpot.

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Written by Kim Watson for Online Keno – your source for the latest lottery news

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