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Changes to EuroMillions Lottery

Changes to EuroMillions Lottery

EuroMillions has announced changes to the lottery game which includes an additional game every week on Tuesday starting 10th May 2011 and higher odds of winning. The number of EuroMillions draws for which a player can buy in advance is currently four but in order to facilitate the new gaming structure, this will reduce starting tomorrow.

From 16th April, players will only be able to buy lottery tickets for up to three draws in advance followed by two draws the following week and tickets for just one draw the week after to prepare for the new EuroMillions game. From 7th May onwards, players will once again be able to purchase multiple draws in advance for both the Friday and the Tuesday games.

Meanwhile, this is your last chance to buy tickets for tonight’s EuroMillions lottery which is worth £25,000,000. The lottery rolled over last week after no player succeeded in winning the jackpot though many players did win substantial prizes with the multi tiered game. The results for last week’s draw were 21, 23, 38, 47 and 50, and the Lucky Star numbers were 02 and 06 while the Millionaire Raffle number was WQL674527.

The second tier prize of £357,456 was won by six players when they matched all five numbers and one lucky star while nine players matched just five mains and went on to win £67,277 each as the third level prize. One hundred eleven other players won the fourth level prize of £3,917 each by getting four mains and both stars. As is the case every week, one lucky UK lottery player won £1,000,000 with the Millionaire Raffle which guarantees a British millionaire every week. Tickets for the lottery are priced at £2 per card and this is your last chance to win tonight’s £25 million EuroMillions lottery.

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Written by Kim Watson for Online Keno – your best source for online lottery news

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