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Euromillions £154 Million Jackpot

Euromillions £154 Million Jackpot

No one predicted the correct Euromillion Lottery numbers on Friday the 1st of July 2011. This means that the next jackpot is worth an estimated £154 million pounds on Tuesday.

It is not yet the biggest lottery ever, this record is still held by the Italian National Lottery, or as it is more commonly known – SuperenaLotto.

If the jackpot is won by a single ticket it will mean that the winner will at a stroke be the biggest lottery winner in the United Kingdom, and will make the Sunday Times rich list if that sort of thing matters to them.Apparently the winner will be richer than Eric Clapton.

Would it not be better to have 154 winners of £1 million rather than 1 winner of the entire amount?

Predictable a National Lottery spokesperson has commented on the fact that this means that due to the size of the lottery more money would go to good causes.

If you are outside of the official list of countries that take part in the Euromillions Lottery, you are still able to take part my purchasing tickets from our Lottery page.

Play Euromillions here.

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