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2nd Largest Euromillion Jackpot won

2nd Largest Euromillion Jackpot won

The 2nd largest Euromillion Lottery of all time has been won by a French player. The value of this super jackpot was £138 million which means at today’s exchange rate with the Euro, the lucky lottery punter won an estimated €168 million.

This would certainly pay off the off the mortgage and some bills. The lottery has been rising a lot quicker nowadays that there are two draws rather than the one. The extra draw on the Tuesday does mean that the jackpot and the interest in the Euromillions lottery are substantial.The winning player came from the region of Calvados which makes the famous liqueur.

If you are outside of the official countries, that take part in the Euromillions Lottery. Players from the United States and Canada make frequent use of our lottery service. When you purchase a lottery ticket for any of the lotteries we support you are guaranteed to get your winnings. Check out our Lottery page for further details on all of the different lotteries you can take part in.

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