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UK Couple Win Euromillions

UK Couple Win Euromillions

A lucky couple from Cambridgeshire are today toasting a massive Euromillions Jackpot win.The win is the 3rd biggest win won by a single ticket in the United Kingdom and certainly makes them a very wealthy couple. All of the comparisons to rock stars and other lumanaries will be made. The couple are apparently going to be going public this afternoon and the media frenzy will continue. 

If you had won the Euromillion jackpot would you be going live with the news. We have been debating it in the office and the majority have indicated that there is no way they would go live with the news of the win unless contractually obligated to do so. The main fear of going public with such a big win is mainly down to the hassle it would create and the expectation from family and friends.

So until this afternoon the lucky winners of the jackpot can expect to live in blissful harmony. Then they will be subject to a barrage of requests and charity appeals. Check out the winning numbers and take part in the Euromillions jackpot by clicking on our link.

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