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EuroMillions Jackpot Climbs to 41M

EuroMillions Jackpot Climbs to 41M

The EuroMillions jackpot rolls over yet again and tonight one lucky player could walk away with a win of £41 million. The lottery game is now in its third rollover and the prizes just keep getting bigger.

On Tuesday, the lottery jackpot was worth £30 but unfortunately no player was able to match the numbers 18, 23, 37, 46 and 48 and the Lucky Stars 2 and 10. However, one UK lottery player did win £1,000,000 with the numbers HRM580326 as part of the Millionaire Raffle.

EuroMillions has a total of thirteen prizes and each one is dependant on the matches the player is able to make to the numbers drawn. While no player could match all numbers, two did make it to the second tier by matching five mains and 1 star.

This won them £407,335, which is quite a substantial amount. Second tier winners can expect to win much more tonight thanks to the 3x rollover.

The third tier prize of £84,495 was won by four lottery players who successfully matched five main numbers and the fourth level prize of £3,573 each was won by thirty eight players who missed out on the jackpot by just one number – they matched 4 mains and both stars.

Like all lottery games, EuroMillions is a game of chance and there isn’t a guaranteed method of winning. Many players choose to rely on what they consider to be their lucky numbers. However, those that don’t have any such numbers handy, the EuroMillions

Statistics the most over due numbers are 41, 11, 3, 24 and 7 while the lucky stars are 4 and 7.
To play EuroMillions online simply register an account with UK National Lottery. Tickets are priced at £2 per line of numbers. Don’t forget to check lottery results at Online Keno.

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Written by Debbie Hall for Online Keno – your best source for online lottery news

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