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Double Deuces Wild video poker Review

Double Deuces Wild

For lovers of video poker games there’s an absolute gem of a game to enjoy free of cost at Online Keno without even having to login at the site! Your free game is loaded with just a click on Play Video Poker Online and with 5000 credits you can get hours of free play on the Double Deuces Wild video poker game. Played with a deck of 52 cards the deuce (two) is Wild which substitutes any other cards to give a winning combination.

The paytable of this free video poker game gives you the lowest payout of 1 credit on a single coin for Three of a Kind and Straight. For a Flush combining 5 cards from a single suit you get 3 credits; while both Full House and Four of a Kind combinations fetch 4 credits each. Higher up on the paytable you get 8 credits for a Straight Flush which in this game is a combination hand of same cards from a single suit and the Wild Deuce.

In the next combination higher on this paytable is Five of a Kind – from sixes through Kings – giving you 20 credits and your credits double up to 40 for the Five of a Kind combination of 3, 4 or 5, while 5 Aces fetch 80 credits. All of these combinations are possible only in a video poker game with Wild which becomes the 5th card adding to 4 similar cards of a denomination. Although the Wild Royal comes above this combination on the paytable the payout is 25 credits.

In the Double Deuces Wild free video poker game you get a very high payout for Four Deuces – with any other card it pays 200 credits and combined with an Ace it gives you 250 credits. The highest payout on the paytable of this game is 800 credits which come on a Royal Flush – not the easiest poker hand to get at the best of times, but definitely within the realms of possibility.

On a winning draw you get a choice to double or nothing with your winning; alternately you can collect the win amount and get a fresh deal. For Double, a fresh hand is dealt with one card held face up and you get to select from 4 down-faced cards. If your card is equal to or higher than the up-faced card then your bet is doubled but if your card is lower than the Dealer’s card you lose your winning. The wild deuce is also counted as a higher card.

Although this free video poker game shows you options to change your bet value with the Bet-, Bet+ and Bet Max buttons given beside the Deal button these options are not available for a Guest player, you will need to register for the full options. The only button which can be activated is the Deal button which also gives you the option to Draw. After clicking on Deal you’re dealt a hand and can hold any cards by clicking on them; next click on Draw which will discard the cards you haven’t held and replace these for a possible winning combination.

With the free Double Deuces Wild video poker game at Online Keno it's possible to keep playing uninterrupted but if you’ve moved away from your game for over 2 minutes all you need to do is refresh your browser and you can re-join your game exactly where you left off.

Play the Double Deuces Wild free video poker game here

This Free Video Poker game, Double Deuces Wild, was reviewed for Online Keno by Lisa Sheldon.