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Free Keno Review

Play Free Keno

At Online Keno we offer a special keno game that you can play for free. And to make it even better you get the option to play this wonderful game without even having to create an account. Just by a click you get to play free online keno games for an evening of fun and relaxation.

The Free Keno game screen is simple and uncluttered and allows you to enjoy the maximum joy of playing this online keno game. On the left of the game screen is the Guest column which gives your gaming status and you can select from 1 to 15 numbers on the keno board with the payouts shown here. The leader board next to this column shows all the keno numbers which are pulled up in the game and when your chosen numbers are hit they get highlighted.

The Keno board on the right of the game screen gives numbers from 1 to 80 and your bet amount, total slot numbers selected and credit balance are shown above this. At the bottom of the screen below the keno board you get the Clear button which erases all the highlighted numbers on the keno board from a previous game.

Also at the bottom of the Keno game are the Bet- and Bet+ buttons and by clicking on these you can decrease or increase your bet value, alternatively click on the Bet Max button for your maximum stake in each free keno game. The Play button is at the extreme right which starts your online keno game after you have selected your bet amount and selected your numbers. The Play Free Keno game at Onlinekeno gives you a jackpot prize of £10,000 which is triggered on the maximum bet amount on the maximum 15 keno numbers.

At the bottom left of the game screen of the Free Keno game you get 3 bulbs which light up when you win. For a minimum payout the Money Back bulb at the bottom left is lit up! The Double Hit The Super Hit bulb on the bottom left lights up when you get 4 winnings.

Play Free Keno at Online Keno today!