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Keno game Review


The basic Keno game offered at online casinos powered by Playtech is the standard game that is played worldwide. A lottery-style game with roots in ancient Chinese history, you get to pick a minimum of 2 numbers and a maximum of 10 and spin your fortune. You can win a maximum keno jackpot of up to 50,000 casino credits. This game offers multiple wagering options so you can stake as little as 0.25, or raise your bet to 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 and if you are feeling lucky, even 5.00 casino credits. The more you wager, the higher your payout if your keno balls drop into position.

To play Keno, select a minimum of 2 of your lucky numbers. The more numbers you select the higher your payout on the higher value numbers. For example, if you play with 2 numbers, your maximum payout is 9 times your wager. A selection of 7 numbers has a maximum payout of 7000 times your wager and 10 selected numbers can win you a keno jackpot of 10,000 times your wager. You can win big when you play online keno.

The Payouts Table on the left side of the screen tells you how much you can win with each round while the table on the right displays the results of each keno game. Once you have decided your wager amount for the spin, select your lucky keno numbers. You can choose a different set of numbers by selecting ‘Clear’ and starting again with a new set of numbers. Or if you're half-way through selecting your lucky numbers and want to change your mind, simply click again on the number you don't want to clear it from your selection on the keno board – it really couldn't be easier to play keno!

You can either play one round of the Keno game by selecting Play One or if you fancy a quick succession of games, select the Play Five option which plays five rounds of the game automatically. You can also increase or reduce the speed of the game to suit your preference. When you press one of the Play buttons, 20 numbers are drawn. If your selected numbers bring you a sufficient amount of hits you win!

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This Keno game was reviewed for Online Keno by Anna Richards.

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