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Online Keno from the Microgaming perspective

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The game of online Keno that is part of the Microgaming casino package is based on the regular online keno layout, but you'll find the extra design touches give it a slightly mystical feel that add to the excitement of the game.

For the uninitiated, Keno is a lottery-style game for those who fancy a quick win while playing online casino games. The objective of the game is to predict winning numbers. The keno game uses a large board marked with numbers marked from 1 to 80. In the basket are balls also numbered 1 to 80. Twenty balls are drawn at random and players need to predict the numbers of the twenty balls drawn.

This Keno game is done up with a Middle Eastern flair reminiscent of Aladdin and his magic lamp. On the left side of the board is the Hit and Payout table which keeps a track of how the number of wins and a minaret on the right displays the number of spots selected.

To play Keno online, the first thing a player needs to do is to decide on a wager – remember this is a game of chance and there is no way to plan your moves. If you want to start small, you can bet on the minimum amount of 1 casino credit. Wagering amounts include 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 casino credits. Winnings are calculated on the initial wager so the more you wager, the higher your payouts when you win the Keno jackpot.

You can select a minimum of one spot on the Keno board and a maximum of 15. The more numbers you choose the higher the payout value. For instance, if you choose to predict 1 number and get it right, you get a payout of 3 times your wager. If you increase the number of spots to 5, you can have a maximum payout value of 50 times the bet. Ten numbers correctly predicted would give you 1800 times your wager and the maximum number prediction of 15 numbers has a whopping keno jackpot of 10,000 times your bet.

You can play Keno in ‘play for money’ as well as ‘play for fun’ mode.

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