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Online Keno - the RTG way


The RTG version of the game of online Keno sports a hugely impressive keno jackpot of 125,000. Keno has become increasingly popular over the years, quite similar to playing the lottery, and gives players the chance to win huge amounts in just a few seconds – if you can correctly predict the numbers.

The rules of playing online Keno are very simple and straightforward. The keno board has 80 numbered boxes and you can pick a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20 numbers on the board. Every time you play a round, 20 numbers are drawn randomly. Should the numbers match your selection, it is highlighted with yellow print and a flashing red background. When a number is drawn that you did not select, it is marked with a red X.

This version of the Keno game gives you the option of Quick Pick where 10 random numbers are automatically picked out for you. You can also select numbers manually. You have the option of playing with the same number once by clicking on the Play One button, five times (Play Five) and ten times (Play Ten).

It's easy choose the denomination you wish to wager when you play this online keno game. You can bet as low as 0.01 and try bets such as 0.25, 1, 5 and if you are feeling lucky, even 10 casino credits. Keno jackpots are calculated on the basis of your wager multiplied by the payout value so the more you wager the higher your winning amount.

Another factor that affects your payout is your number selection - the more numbers you choose the higher your pay out value. If you select 1 number, you can win x3 your wager. 3 numbers increases maximum payout by 40 times the wager and 6 numbers are worth x1800. Any numbers from 8 to 15 numbers can win you a maximum payout of 25,000 times your bet. So if you bet the maximum wager limit of 5 casino credits, and hit the highest payout you could win 5 x 25000 – a whopping keno jackpot of 125,000 casino credits!

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