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Playing to Win at Online Slots

If you have been playing online slots for a while now, you already know how much fun you can have. Never mind that online slots–just like any other variation of the game–is basically a game of pure chance with little to no opportunity for you to affect the outcome of the reels in any significant manner, it is still simply fun to play.

While it is true that playing online slots typically involves nothing more than spinning the reels and hoping to get lucky, you can increase your chances of winning slightly by keeping a few simple things in mind, some of which we outline below. Of course these tips will not guarantee a win in 100% of playing situations, but they can greatly increase your enjoyment of the game and hopefully get lady luck to side with you some of the time!

Keep your emotions in check.
It is so easy to get caught up in a game of online slots, and far too often players are guilty of letting their emotions get the better of them. It is not easy to maintain your composure when faced with an endless losing streak after all, but this is precisely when you have to exercise proper judgment and walk away. There is simply no sense depleting your entire bankroll when you are losing repeatedly.

Avoid playing full coin unless absolutely necessary.

In slots machines that are “equal distribution” or “straight multipliers”, it is generally not a good idea to play at full coin. A typical high pay line may offer you 100 coins for a single coin, 200 coins for two, and so on. While that may seem like a good offer, what you have to realize is that the additional coins won’t really give you anything in return.

Maximum coins for progressive slots.
If you want to be able to win the progressive jackpot, in a progressive slots game, you will simply have to play the maximum allowable number of coins. Neglecting to do so will only add to the jackpot, making it even bigger for someone else, and leaving you with zero chances of winning it yourself. It would be quite frustrating to win only £1,000 on a payline after betting a single coin, instead of the £1,000,000 you could have won if you had played the maximum number of coins.

Slot cycles are a fallacy.

With all the many myths and superstitions floating around in the gambling world, the claim that online slots games have certain playing cycles is one that get spread around a lot. The fact of the matter is that there is simply no way to predict when a machine is going to pay out, or when a winning combination will appear. The use of a Random Number Generator ensures that the combinations show up in a totally chance manner, with each combination that turns up having nothing at all to do with what comes next. So if you are trying to develop a system that will help you guess the next winning combination, your efforts will probably not amount to much.