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Bee Happy - Instant arcade game

Bee Happy

How to Play
Getting started with Bee Happy is very simple. You can choose between the regular stakes, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10. On the screen you will see a cut out of a bee hive and the circles in it work like reels with two symbols in each. When you push on the bet button the circles in the hive will show either a happy or a sad bee and for each turn the indicator on the winnings table moves up a notch. Once all the bees are smiling at you then the end result is determined and you can either bet again or cash out your winnings.

Special Features
The Bee Happy instant game is very well worked through and you will see that even the cursor is in form of a bee. You can never know just how high you will climb on the pay table and this makes each bet very exciting. Even if there is only one sad bee left and you have only made it to the first possible pay out the random number generator can cause this bee to stay sad enough for you to climb higher and make a neat sum of money.

Beautiful Graphics and Effects
When you press the bet button honey splashes and each bet brings a happy bee flying by. The sound effects are very sweet and funny and this is so no matter if you are winning or not. The bets that come out without any pay back are easier to accept when a sweet bee cheers you on and the graphics are very pleasant to look at. The happy bees are drawn in a way that should bring a smile to your lips and give you a great time.