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Forest of Wonders Slots Review

Forest of Wonders Slots

Forest of Wonders slots is a new Playtech slot game with delightful animations. The design team has done a great job recreating the look and feel on this slot game,when playing this game you are quite literally transported away from all the every day stuff, down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Graphics are accompanied by a beautiful musical motif, and when the reels spin this music plays.

The Forest of Wonders video slots game is actually two games in one. It is linked to the famous Playtech Dollar Ball Lottery, and for an extra 1 coin played before your game commences, you can be in for a chance to win some big money on this huge progressive jackpot.  Apart from that, the top prize in this casino slots game is a massive 5 000 x line multiplier, and if you land the Wild Symbols (the Dormouse) on an active pay line in the appropriate quantities, you might be in for a huge win.

The White Rabbit also features in this video slot game, he is the scatter symbol and if you drop him onto the pay line you will win some free spins. Trigger the bonus round with three mushrooms or more on a pay line, and you will be transported to the Forest of Wonders. Once here you are expected to select three mushrooms out of a choice of twelve. Basically you are given four chances to pick three mushrooms, thereafter you can keep your prize money or go for more mushrooms. A tip with this bonus round is not to be greedy, you may end up with lower paying mushrooms than your first selection and once you opt for the “more mushrooms” game, what you won in the previous bonus round is cleared from your balance.

Forest of Wonders is a delightful online video slots game and a welcome addition to the world of online gaming.

Beautiful music plays to the spinning reels of Forest of Wonder slots, there are fascinating graphics, and very good animation is incorporated into this game. This is certainly one of the slot games that Playtech has gone out of their way to design and produce, they have provided something that is quite simply other-worldly. Playing this game makes you feel quite literally as though you are tumbling down the rabbit hole with Alice.

The introduction to the game shows a grinning Cheshire Cat, resting between the pages of the Lewis Carol book, the Mad Hatter also makes his presence felt. This online slots game quite literally transports you away to a fantasy world, and the feel good music and sounds the game makes are completely in line with this theme.

Essentially this is probably the most charming and alive of online video slots games available today, but this is only our opinion of course.

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