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Gold Diggers Slots

Gold Diggers Slots

Gold Diggers slots is a brand new 3D slots game just launched on the market. Sporting 5 reels and 30 paylines, this latest offering from the Betsoft stables comes with a wealth of rich pickings and rich entertainment too.

Gold Digger slots game is set down in the gold mines in old country redneck territory, with a cast of characters hunting for gold nuggets. The Western theme is played on to the max here, with the goofy characters sporting the broadest twangs in their accents whenever they speak.

The gloriously detailed graphics are oozing with reality and atmosphere, complete with hanging lanterns that sway in the breeze, and the occasional drops of water plopping down from the roof. An upbeat western country music track provides the background for the game, a song all about digging for gold, that you might find yourself humming along to...

    "That's why we're Gold Diggers
    We keep on digging 'til our arms start to glitter..."
The characters that populate the reels of Gold Diggers include a couple of miners and a beautiful young blonde (reminiscent of Daisy Duke), along with barrels of oil, lanterns, rail trucks, pickaxe and a pan full of nuggets. There are 3 special bonus symbols each with their own bonus games attached: Dynamite, Gopher and the Gold Rush notice.

Play Gold Diggers slots

Players are treated to the wonders of the 3D slots graphics on spinning up winning combos of 3 or more symbols, with the symbol popping up out of the screen in ultra-realistic 3D mini animation clips. On larger winning combinations the trio of goofy characters run out in front of the actual slots machine to perform a little jig in celebration of your good luck!

Spin 3 or more Dynamite symbols on an active payline for a 200, 500 or 1000x coin payout and watch them explode on screen, making way for symbols to shift down the reels into further possible winning combos.

3 or more Gopher symbols on a payline triggers the innovative Gopher A Dig feature, where the goofy Gopher literally digs through the reels to hunt for bonus credits. Click on each of the symbols in turn and the Gopher just gets on with it, popping through to the back of the machine and digging himself out on a different reel – excellent fun!

3 Gold Rush symbols on active paylines triggers the Gold Rush bonus and the player is rushed to a new cave in the mine with 6 spots marked on the wall. Choose where you want the miners to use the pickaxe to reveal as much gold as possible. When you're done the bonus credits are added up and the beautiful Daisy leads the celebration jig with the two miners joining in, before you're returned to the main game with extra nuggets in your pockets.

Playing the Gold Diggers 3D slots game is like a breath of fresh air. The tongue in cheek humour and light-heartedness of the game cannot fail to raise your spirits as you join in the hunt for nuggets with a bunch of crazy goofs. Top notch entertainment with rich pickings up for grabs, a really fun slots game to play.

Gold Diggers slots game was reviewed for Online Keno on 27 October, 2010.