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Hi Lo Shuffle - Instant arcade game

Hi Lo Shuffle

Play it Wise
You have to decide how much to bet and if you think the following number will be higher or lower than the current. Add to this the shuffle option. When the shuffle button blinks you can choose to press it and get a new number to bet on. This is sometimes offered several times in a row and you need to decide whether to shuffle or just continue betting on the number that you had. Although this is a game of luck you can certainly make wise choices when the numbers are closer to the extremes. Therefore you need to keep a close eye on what your options are in each round.

Easy Navigation
It isn’t difficult to understand how to play the Hi Lo Shuffle instant game and should you feel the need for instructions they are readily available through the help function. It is a good idea to try this game out for free to begin with so that you will know just how it works when you bet with real money. Setting the stakes and betting hi or lo is easily made through the clearly marked buttons.

Graphics and Sound
The sound effects can be turned off but you will most likely let them stay on as they are very subtle and don’t interfere with the game. The graphics are a bit stiff which could be viewed by some as elegant and by others as boring. They don’t take anything away from the excitement that the game alone presents to all types of players willing to try out their luck in a fast and fun way.