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Quickfire Lotto - Instant arcade game

Quickfire Lotto

Who Should Play Quickfire?
The good thing about this instant game is that it has different options for bets. You can play on numbers, colors, the total sum or special combinations. If you prefer one of these methods you can stick to it or simply enjoy the possibility of switching in between. If you have bad luck with the numbers, the colors might be a better alternative and so on.

How the Bet Works
It is easy to understand how to bet as the different games within this game are well explained by the clear structure of graphics and layout. Once you’ve decided what type of game to play, on numbers, specials, colors or predict the total, you set your bet and stake. All you have to do is to click on the option you think will happen and then the computer will ask you to verify your bet. Once you click OK the machine pops up the balls and you will know very quickly if you have won. You start with a set amount and you hope to improve this amount as the play continues.

Graphics and Effects
The Quickfire Lotto instant game is not one of fun animations and cool sound effects. This could perhaps have been better implemented. Too much noise and effects would disturb the game but the graphics could be spicier. The good thing about this rather dry appearance is that it makes it easy to understand the game and navigate around. If you need help before or during a game it is readily available and you will find it very easy to keep track of your bets and total bank roll.