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Slotfather 3D Slot Game

Slotfather Slots

The all new Slotfather 3D slot game is based on the Godfather film complete with the familiar soundtrack and characters like the Slotfather himself, Frankie the Fixer, Sammy Quick fingers and Fat Tony. The animation and soundtrack in this 5 reel 30 payline online slot game is par excellence and has been carefully designed to include elements of the film that have become legend including the immortal words: I’ll make him an offer he can't refuse!

The symbols include the main characters as well as a suitcase of cash, a getaway car full of mobsters, a bottle of wine, the Godfather's hand, a Tommy Gun, a plate of Spaghetti bolognaise and more icons reminiscent of the classic movie.

Even the simplest action in the Slotfather slot game are magnificently animated, so if you hit a pay line with the getaway car, you can see bullets being pumped into the screen, all the characters talk to the players, the suitcase clicks open and more. Before you know it, this thrilling 3D slot game will have you talking Italian like a native!

Players can choose multiple wagering denominations including 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50. It doesn't sound like much, however if you're playing 30 paylines a spin on a 0.50 bet, that's 15 casino credits shooting for the slots jackpot. And of course, the more you wager the higher your payouts. The highest single line payouts are when 5 symbols of Sammy or Frankie appear on an active pay line paying out a slots jackpot of x100.

There are several innovative ways to win with this new online slot game. The Sneaky Instant Win feature is activated when Sammy and the suitcase appear side by side on an active pay line.  Sammy reaches out towards the suitcase and hurls a fistful of cash at you awarding you instant bonus credits.

The Multiplier Mob Spin is triggered when Frankie and a Tommy Gun appear side by side on an active pay line activating free spins. Frankie starts pumping bullets with the gun onto the screen and the player has to choose a bullet hole which will reveal the free spins and payout multiplier. You can win up t0 20 free spins with a x20 payout.

The Under Boss scatter is another great feature in Slotfather where you can win big if combinations appear at the end of a spin. For example if 3 Fat Tony symbols appear, you are awarded 250 credits. 4 Fat Tony symbols are worth 500 credits and if you are lucky enough to get 5 symbols, you can win 1000 credits!

If any two symbols of Frankie or Sammy appear at the end of a spin, you get an extra 75 credits. Two suitcase symbols on an active pay line are worth 50 credits while the 2 x getaway car symbols can net you 25 casino credits.

The brilliantly animated bonus round is by far the best feature in this top new online slot game. The Slotfather himself makes you an offer you cannot refuse when you land three or more Slotfather symbols at the end of a spin. You have the chance to be a good earner for the boss by placing slots in many of his establishments.

You will be asked to place the slot machines in three of the businesses and once you have placed your slot the total earnings of that machine will be added to your bonus. Once you have placed all three slots, you will be transported to the Italian restaurant where the boss hangs out with his team who will discuss the good work you have done and reward you with your hard-earned bonus.

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