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Special Multiplier - Instant arcade game

Special Multiplier

Making it to Red
Once you’ve set your bet you’ll have to cover as much as you desire of a lock in red. When you push the button to play an arrow will spin around and when it comes to a still you will want to see it in the area that you marked off. If the arrow lands on the red area the safe pictured in the back ground is opened and you’ll win.

Playing for Money
The stakes are between 0.50 and 250 and the more you bet the more you can win. The catch is that you will have to cover a minimum amount of lock with red in order to be able to win the maximum amount of payout. The more space on the lock that you have covered the more likely it is that you will win but then again the amount might not be so impressive. You could try it out safe in the beginning and then make the decision if you want to be brave and risk more of your bank roll.

Game Options
You don’t have many effects to play around with in this instant win game. You can turn off the sound effects and music if you find them annoying but even when it is on it is very low key and only gives the game a more live and pleasant atmosphere. Should you need some instructions you can use the help option and get fast answers on how the game works. You can also play without money to begin with which will teach you the game without the stress of loosing money from poor bets.