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The Keno Experiment

Keno Experiment

The Keno Experiment, a very popular arcade game from Playtech is an extended version of the traditional Keno Lottery game, an ancient Chinese game. Keno Experiment has a very space-age appearance, accompanied by sounds that back the sci-fi feel. Done in steel and blues with touches of golden yellow and red, this game leaves you feeling like you have walked into a game room on US Enterprise.

As easy to play as the traditional Keno game, you start by selecting your bet amount (options between 25p and £5). After choosing the wager amount, pick between two and ten numbers, numbered 1 – 80, by clicking on them on the Keno Board (in the center of the screen). If you can’t make up your mind, click on the auto pick feature (which also gives you the option of new numbers each round – with the Random Pick button). After selecting the numbers press Play One (play for one round only) or Play Five (play a five-round series). The Play Five option automatically plays the game for you five times. The computer then picks twenty numbers that darken the keno board. If any number among those is one of your choices – it turns golden-orangish yellow.

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The four mini screens on the right side of the keno board make the game easier to understand. The first screen is the Payouts one (payouts depend on the number of hits on your selected Keno Numbers); the second screen is the Bet one (this shows your total bet amount); the third screen, the Result one, shows the amount of Keno Numbers hit in the last round. If Play 5 Rounds option was selected, this screen will show all the five results. The final screen is the Win screen – and this one shows how much you have won.

As in Keno, the winning chance here is 92%+ too, no matter how many numbers are chosen. This reinforces Playtech’s reputation of serving up winning games.