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Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette, based on one of the most popular on-line or land-based casino games - European Roulette, is Playtech’s way of showing that good things come in tiny packages. Very similar to the regular casino game, Mini Roulette has gained lots of popularity and been able to build a loyal player following. Done up in the traditional casino style, this game incorporates all the requisite sound ands visual effects that go towards making the game a success.

Playtech’s Mini Roulette consists of 13 numbers, with each possible bet covered towards one outcome. This gives you a 1/13 chance of winning, covered by 15 bets. Though there are fewer numbers, and the game may be smaller – the win amounts of this game may turn out to be much higher than that in the regular Roulette game.

Play Mini Roulette now!

An easy to play game, Mini Roulette suits all tastes and experience levels across online casino players. To play, click on a chip value you wish to wager and then click on the area (on the table) you wish to bet on.  You could choose to bet on multiple areas at the same time. To add more chips to a bet, just click. You could change the chip denomination too. Next, click ‘Spin’ to set the game in motion.

Playtech’s Mini Roulette offers many different betting ways and options each covering a different set of numbers and different distribution. Straight Up, Split Bet (pays 5:1), Street Bet (pays 3:1), Corner Bet, Three Bet (pays 3:1), Four Bet (pays 2:1), Column Bet (pays 2:1), Half Dozen Bet (pays 1:1), Red/Black (pays 1:1), Even/Odd Bets (pays 1:1), and Minimum Position Bet are the betting options available. Please note: if the ball lands on Zero, half of all bets on other numbers is returned to you. The results of the previous 13 spins are shown on the Winning Number Display.

With the Mini Roulette, Playtech has come up with a sure-fire winner in the eyes of a regular online casino player.