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Around The World

Around The World

Playtech’s ‘Around The World’ is based on the classic ‘higher or lower’ game play format, where you are given a start point (number) and you have to guess whether the next number will be lower or higher.

Playtech has built elements of travel and adventure into this game to make it very authentic. The roulette-like wheel has numbers between 1 and 49and the game has four cash out points. You are allowed one mistake; the second error starts you afresh. There are three special destinations your wheel can land on. ‘Remove Strike the first one, erases any wrong guess you have made in that section. The second ‘Advance One Step’, and transports you one step ahead, without having to guess that play. The best one - Advance One Level, deposits you directly to the next cash out point.

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Start by betting anything from 10p upwards. Continue guessing whether the next number in the series would be higher or lower. The game ends for two reasons - if you predict the number incorrectly more than once in each section, or you win. Of the 6 guesses in each cash out section, you need to guess 5 right. You could choose to cash out at the end of each section or at the end of the game (Section 4) where you are paid automatically. The first cash out brings you 2.5 times your bet; the second one - 3x; the third one – 3.5x, and the final one gets you 4x the bet amount. So, if you had bet ₤100, you would get back ₤250, ₤300, ₤350 and ₤400 respectively.

The design and the music gel very well with the theme, and you feel very Phineas Fogg here. Playtech now takes you around the world - well within 8 minutes, not 80 days.