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Darts Arcade Game

Darts Arcade game is an exciting new arcade game that combines the thrill of the popular pub game with the excitement of an instant win game. As one of the latest online casino games launched on the Playtech casino software, it's a great addition to the existing family of arcade games on board.

The objective of Darts is to guess the position on the dartboard the three darts will hit. The dartboard, which is where the action happens, consists of 20 numbered sections. The largest part of each section is known as the single ring and the differently coloured outermost strip in each section is called the double ring. The treble ring is the coloured strip in the middle of a section that divides the single strip into two different parts. The middle section of the dart board has two circles, the Inner Bull which is red and the Outer Bull which is green in colour.

The single ring gives you as many points as the section number while the double ring scores twice as many points. The treble ring gives you the highest return with three times as many points as the section number. The Outer Bull is worth 25 points and the Inner Bull is worth 50 points.

Playing online Darts is very simple and all you have to do is decide on your wager amount, place a bet and spin. This arcade game gives you multiple betting options, the simplest being a Section Bet where you click on a section of the dartboard that you want to bet on.

The Dart Combination bet in this great Playtech arcade game is where you bet that the darts will hit a particular combination (colour or rings) a certain number of times (0x, 1x, 2x, or 3x). You can place this bet in the upper left part of the game window.

The Total Score bet lets you wager on the total score of all the darts is within a particular range. You can place your total score bet in the lower left part of the game window. The Darts game features bonus Gamble game where you can triple your winnings by hitting the Bullseye.

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