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Derby Day – Hear the Drumming Hoof beats

Derby Day

Derby Day is Playtech’s attempt to bring home the races. Covering all the finer nuances of horse-racing, as well as offering multiple betting options, this one will have the online game player cheering from the stands.

Playtech has simplified the game, including all required information, in easy to read format, to help you place an intelligent and calculated bet. With true-to-life sound effects, and horses that look almost real, Playtech has brought this game alive. You can almost feel the clods of earth flying with each hoof beat.

You begin by choosing your horse. Click on their names, compare them, study their previous track performance, and select. Click on ‘Points’ to see the horse’s current form. Payouts are calculated according to horse point amounts (Higher points = lower payout), going and weather. To increase authenticity, Playtech has included status of the weather and going. However, this does not change the race outcome much, as it applies to all horses.

Click here to play Derby Day game

Next, select the bet. You could bet anything from 10p - £100. You can place up to nine bets per race. Winner (you win if the horse you selected wins), Exacta (predict 1st and 2nd place winners), Place (you win if the horse you selected finishes 1st or 2nd), Show (you win if the horse you selected finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd), Pick IV-V (predict the first four or five horses in the exact order). Pick V has the highest payout, as it is the toughest to predict.

Once you have selected your bet option and amount, click on ‘Race’. And they horses start after a clanging countdown. This is your chance to cheer your horse from the stands – as you can see the race live.

With Derby Day, Playtech has brought the thrill of horse-racing right into your living room.