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Fortune Keno

Fortune Keno

Playtech has taken the madly popular game of Keno, given it a mystical twist and called it Fortune Keno. Replete with atmosphere and effect, Fortune Keno takes you into a mystical world where you meet a mysterious gypsy in an opulent tent. She has piercing green eyes, nothing is hidden from her.

Fortune Keno brings to life the mystical experience of visiting a gypsy fortune teller. Accompanied by music that trills and wraps itself around you, the deep purple glow of the crystal ball, the flashing lights within it, as the numbers swirl - add a quality of mysteriousness that pulls you further into the game. The gypsy has an indefinable magnetic quality around her as she tries your luck.

In this Playtech online keno game you pick your lucky numbers, and watch the magic. Numbers gently swirl out of her violet crystal ball and fly like bubbles onto the keno grid.

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If fortune is smiling on you, the numbers you picked will come up as winners. Every lucky guess results in a glowing number. For the not chosen numbers, you will see them slightly singed on the board. To make things easier, a payout table is displayed under the keno board. The payout depends on the quantity of keno numbers picked and the number of correct ones. You could choose to play either one or five consecutive rounds, and play in five credit sizes. Also, you have the choice to select between two and ten numbers per game. The software has game speed options so you can set your game pace too.

With this game, Playtech brings right into your homes a real Keno experience, equivalent to that of Vegas or any other gaming city.