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Genies Hi-Lo Progressive Jackpot

Genies Hi-Lo

Genies Hi-Lo Progressive Jackpot from Playtech is Genie’s Hilo with a twist that makes it exciting, as compared to the calm and pleasant original one. And now for the twist - every wager made is placed in a jackpot, and you win the jackpot if you reach the highest level (Level 11).

This arcade game is played with a single deck. You start by choosing the wager amount (10p - £25). Then click ‘Confirm’ to pick a card. Next, from the bet box that opens up, choose whether the next card to show up will be Higher or Lower (Aces is the lowest in this game) and/or Red or Black. You can make either one or both of these bets; the harder the bet, the higher the payout with the possible win amount displayed on the top edge of the bet box.

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Click ‘Confirm’ after choosing, and pick the next card. If one or both of your bets are incorrect, you lose the wagered amount and the game is over. If your bets are correct, you win. On winning, you are proffered two choices – ‘Cash Out’ (take the win money and end the game) or ‘Continue’ (bet the winning amount, and continue the game, till you reach cash out or lose). The left edge of the screen shows the game record, displaying all the cards drawn and the consolidated winning amount.

If you choose ‘Continue’, the previous card is now displayed as the first card – and you have to start the choosing and wagering process all over again. This game has 11 levels – and to try for the Jackpot, you have to continue till Level 11.

The progressive Jackpot is fed by adding a small percentage of each bet, by every person playing this game in each of many online casinos, to a common pot. When a player gets the right result, that player wins either a part or the entire progressive Jackpot.

Playtech’s Genie’s HiLo Jackpot is a game that marries simplicity to fun.