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Head or Tails

Head or Tails

Flipping coins to decide is perhaps the first known gamble in history, and if not the first, it is certainly a very ancient practice. Playtech has made a fun to play arcade game out of it, and put the childhood back into online gambling. Set in a club room, with seasoned players (who look like sailors) around the table, and golf clubs peeking out from the corner, the feeling is decidedly male.

To play, you need to first choose the amount of money you would like to bet (bets start at 10p and go on to £100). Next, select the number of coins you wish to play with (one or two).

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After this, you need to select ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ if you have chosen to play one coin; and a combination if you have chosen to play two coins (could be both heads, both tails, or a mix).

Lastly, you need to choose how many times you would like to flip the coins (one, two or three). Select one and you need to get the chosen correct result once. Select two and you need to get the chosen correct result twice and three means you need the chosen correct result three times in a row. 

The left edge of the screen shows you game history (the six previous outcomes of the game). With the usually high expected rate of return that is synonymous with Playtech games, this one offers a return of .95% on one flip; .95% on two flips and .94% on three flips.

Heads or Tails is a pleasant way to while away time in between those bingo games, and make some money.