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Hold'em Showdown

Hold'em Showdown

Hold’em Showdown is an arcade game version of the hugely popular Texas Hold'em poker game, where the player has to predict the winning hand in an all-in showdown. This game is one of the most recent additions to the Playtech arcade games section that you can find in all online casinos powered by this brand.

In a Texas Hold’em poker game the all-in showdown is the most dramatic moment when two or more players bet all their remaining chips before the community cards have been dealt. In a standard game, this is the move that eliminates many players from the game.

To play Hold’em Showdown, the player has to choose the size of the wager which starts at 0.01 and goes up to 100.00. Once you have decided on your wager, click on Deal to deal the four sets of Opponent cards and the Dealer cards. The Dealer cards are the two cards in the upper middle part of the window while the four pairs of cards in the lower middle part of the game window are Opponent cards.

The objective of the game is to choose one of the four sets of Opponent cards and then predict whether the Dealer or the chosen Opponent will win the all-in showdown. In each round, you can only select one opponent and you will always play against the Dealer. If you win the round, you can continue with your current stake, or bank half or all of it. If you lose, you lose your bet and must start again.

The potential winnings in Hold’em Showdown are based on two factors – the amount of your wager as well as the probability of winning. If the combination you have chosen is more likely to win, you win less, however, if the card combination is unlikely to win against better pocket cards, you win a lot more.

A nice feature of this online poker game is that you get to learn the poker hand names of different combinations. The box under the Dealer’s Hand gives you interesting information about the names of the pocket card combination that the Dealer currently has.

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