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Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts

Playtech has brought to life Progressive Jackpot Darts, an online version of the traditional dart game by including all the finer touches that go in making a dart game a favorite.

This arcade game features a dart board in the center of the screen, with a chalk board on its left. The chalk board has 4 sections. The first section shows the number of throws so far; the second – the total score (three dart throws); the third – the staked amount; and the fourth section shows the win amount.

The right hand side of the dart board has a series of options (Jackpot, Single, Doubles, Trebles, Outer Bull, Inner Bull, Lo/Mid/Hi and 1-20 Singles). Since this game is a progressive jackpot, it can only be played for money. You can also choose to bet on how many of the three darts will land on the chosen field/s. The lesser likely the possibility of hitting the target, the higher is the pay out. Multiple wagers on multiple outcomes are possible, as you can place up to five bets per game round.

Singles, Doubles and Trebles allow you to bet on those respective fields on the dart game board. Lo/Mid/Hi gives you the option of predicting the total score from three dart throws. A total of less than 38 is ‘Lo’; 38 - 41 is ‘Mid’; anything higher than 41 is ‘Hi’. The 1-20 Singles option allows you to choose any five out of the twenty numbered sections, and if a dart falls on any of these, you would win 9x your wagered amount.

With probability rates like .25% for inner bull’s eye,.5% for the outer bull’s eye, nearly 10% and 15% if the dart lands in a treble or double ring respectively, going up sharply to 74% for the dart landing in a single ring, this arcade game from the house of Playtech hits the mark squarely.