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Windows Reels

Windows Reels

Windows Reels, the fruity and healthy Fixed Odds Slots machine from Playtech, has 3 reels, 1 payline and 10 winning combinations. Fixed Odds Slots differs from a standard slot as you place bets on specific symbol combination/s. You win if the corresponding symbol combination comes post the spin. With exotic and brightly colored fruit featuring as symbols, this fully-loaded platter is very welcome on your diet.

The colorful symbols on the reels are: Craps, Cherries, Plums, Oranges, Lemons, Water-melon slices, bunches of Grapes, and golden Bells. All payouts are in coins, and 100 coins is the jackpot in Windows Reels Slots. With a comprehensive Pay Table showing all possible win combinations, it is an easy to play game.

Play Windows Reels Slots now!

To play, begin by clicking the + and - buttons next to that symbol combination you wish to bet on (the payout is written next to it). Click ‘Spin’ to start the game, once you have finished placing the bets. Since the bets stay same, you do not have to place them again for the next spin. In case you wish to go for a different combination, you will have to click on the ‘Clear Bet’ button to clear the old bets and feed in the new ones.

The payouts grow exponentially from 2x (for any one + one cherry) to 100x (for all three craps/dice) as you go up the combination chart. Any 2 symbols and a cherry fetch you 5x the bet amount; three golden bells fetch you 10x; three bunches of grapes fetch you 15x; three water slices fetch you 20x your bet amount; three lemons get you 25x the bet amount, while three oranges get you 30x the bet amount. Then, the stakes go higher with 50x returns on three plums, 75x returns on three bunches of cherries, ending with 100x returns if you get three craps/dice. 

Windows Reels is Playtech’s way of ensuring you get your 5 portions of fruits a day, and get rich quick.