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Solo Mahjong

Solo Mahjong

Playtech’s Solo Mahjong, is the online version of the traditional Oriental tile game – Mahjong. Solo Mahjong can be played under both – the Japanese or the WMC rules. As in the land-based one, this one too requires immense patience and knowledge about the game and its rules.
In Playtech’s version of Solo Mahjong you get a ready hand, minus one tile, which you must find to complete the hand. The tile that you need for a complete winning hand has to be chosen from the wall (top area of your screen) where there is a set of 24 tiles – face-down. Click to pick. You get three chances to pick the right one.

Your given hand (13 tiles) has different characters (representing the different suits) on the tiles. There are three numeric-based suits and two alphabetic-based suits. A winning hand can have tiles arranged in multiple ways – sequentially, in identical groups of three or more, etc. As is the norm with all games, the winning hand strength decides the payout amount. In Solo Mahjong, discarded tiles do not participate in the game in any way as opposed to the traditional game.

Click here to play Solo Mahjong game

Your hand is just below the wall. To its right, is the last picked tile above which are the discarded tiles. If the tile you picked doesn’t match, a ‘No Hand’ sign blinks and the tile is discarded automatically. You could also choose to discard it manually. This is repeated for a total of three times, or till you pick a winner – whichever comes earlier.

If the picked tile completes your hand, a win screen will open. This screen shows you all the sets in your hand, and then points of each set. Game points are converted into the score, which determines how much money you’ve won. You could choose to play a new game or quit.

With the tiles being face-down, you don’t have much by way of choice – what you need to play a good game of Playtech’s Solo Mahjong is – lots of luck, and a proper tutorial.