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Solo Mahjong Pro

Solo Mahjong Pro

Playtech’s Solo Mahjong Pro, is single-player version of the classic Chinese game tile game – Mahjong. Solo Mahjong Pro can be played under both – the Japanese (Tenwa) or the WMC rules. As in the land-based one, this one too requires immense patience and knowledge about the game and its rules.

You start out with 14 tiles, and have to first discard one of them. While choosing the tile to discard, you need to keep in mind that your objective is to create a ready hand (a hand of 13 tiles, which is one tile away from a winning hand). Then you need to find the right tile in the wall to complete a winning hand. You can change your mind about the first discarded tile and take it back by clicking on it (to discard another), but only before you’ve picked the first tile from the wall.

Click here to play Solo Mahjong Pro game

The wall is a set of 24 face-down tiles. Click to pick. You have three chances to find the right tile. Below the wall is your hand. The space to the right of it holds the last picked tile, and the space just above it holds the discarded tiles. If you picked a tile from the wall and it hasn’t completed your hand, ‘No Hand’ will blink and the tile will be discarded automatically. You can also click on the tile to discard it yourself. After that, you can pick another tile.

If you’ve picked three tiles and none of them have completed your hand, the round is over. If the picked tile completes your hand, a win screen will open. This screen shows you all the sets in your hand, and then points of each set. Game points are converted into the score, which determines how much money you’ve won. You could choose to play a new game or quit.

This game is different from Solo Mahjong by way of the fact that you don’t have to select a tile to discard one from your rack. It is also easier to win this game.